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Segment Description

Budget Travelers


This audience contains people who are budget travelers based on their demonstrated travel behavior in the past 30 days when selecting the airline, distance and seasonality of a flight.

Collection Methodology:

This segment is sourced from mobile location data, transaction travel sites & offline purchases



Segment Size:




Activation Partners



Addressable TV


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Customer Stories

Excellent: 4.8 out of 5

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We use ClearSegment across all of our clients and new business pitches. It allows us to make smarter segment recommendations and drive our clients business forward. Just in the past 2 weeks we identified 20 new segments for one of our client. They loved us for the smart thinking we brought to the table! 

John Doe
SVP, Digital Media

Driving Data Cost Down

We started using ClearSegment 6 month ago and were able to cut down our data cost by 40%. Finding more cost effective segments across a variety of data providers with the same collection methodologies is now much easier to accomplish.

John Doe
Supervisor, Cross Channel Activation

Know What You Target

Segment definitions can be very vague or non existent in many cases. With ClearSegment, we now know the definition of each individual segment, allow us to make better recommendations and answer client questions on the go.

John Doe
VP, Strategic Planning

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Most agencies & brands save 30% in data cost with ClearSegment

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